A new super-exclusive post about online income for those who have just heard of online earnings or interested, who would miss really big if they did not. 2019

There is no end to interest online. Especially among the young people, the anxiety is rising. But there is no such post or book available with any consistent or accurate information about the problem. And so, in the beginning, many people have to do a lot of trouble in this profession to newcomers If you have read this also, then the text of today is specially made for you. Here you can find out very briefly about the different types of income online. In addition to this you will learn how to move forward. So let's start by saying no.

Well, can you really earn online? Or is it entirely fake?

Online is a platform where the right road will certainly earn. And this income is much better than many of our country's job market. And here is the full freedom to work.
Various reports on freelancing have been circulated several times in various TV channels. You can see some reports from the following link-
Talks on the ATN News channel on December 2, 2014. See this link- click here
You can see the report on TV in the timeline -  click here 
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What did you understand? Some believe? If you have dreamed to earn a millionaire by clicking on it, then forget it. And you will not need any securities or cash advance to work online. But it requires hard work and skill. So learn the exact information about online income, stay safe yourself, be successful.
So let's start-

What is online income?

In reality, online income refers to earning money from the Internet. The first and foremost prerequisite for earning online is a computer and a quick Internet connection. It is not possible to earn money online if these two are not. In this case, it is possible to do this work through any normal computer except for some special work. There is no need for special facilities or high-definition computers. However, I have been advised not to use too much lock-up computers.

Now come work? What work?

The new people often heard that such and such works, and another does another work, then what are these different jobs?
Comparing the internet to our real life, it is possible to easily understand the income of online earnings. In our real life we ​​usually earn money in two ways. 
1. Job 
Just like in the virtual world of the Internet (virtual world that can not be captured, or computer related) you can earn money in just two types of methods.
Here also, opportunities for both business and employment. And newcomers should have clear ideas about these jobs and business related tasks. Because, before working, you must know what you are going to do, why are you going to do Regardless of any decision can be a big factor in your failure. And so let's try to get a quick idea about these two types of income.

Let's see how to earn money online

Our real life can be earned online by trading online. Internet business is one of the many online products sold online. There are many organizations that sell hundreds of millions of products online every year. We know now why the handset from the hands of the internet is why we go from the internet. And this online trading product is called e-commerce business. Other online businesses include blogging, affiliate marketing, etc.

Blogging is the most common and popular business on the Internet
Blogging is a type of business where you must first create a blog with good quality information (blog is a type of website that is regularly written in different subjects), where you will share important information on different topics. Many people will come to your site to know about the information you have shared regularly. Gradually, when your blog becomes popular, you can earn from your blog by placing advertisements from different organizations on that blog. Let's make a little more clear-
Suppose - you have an educational website. On this website you write regularly about various teaching topics. And for reading this, a couple of people visit your site every day, because your writings are quality and people benefit from it. So there will be a time when a lot of people make a lot of people come to your website regularly to read your writing.
However, since different types of people visit your site every day, you can earn money by displaying advertisements of different companies on your website. It's a lot like a newspaper. While reading news in different newspapers, we see advertisements from different companies. The higher the readership of the magazine, the greater the rate of advertisements and the more the income. In the same way your site's visitor or readers will be as much as your site's ad rates will be higher and your income will be as high as possible. The difference between the magazines and you just magazines in this place is offline and your website is online. Of course, now almost all the national magazines have online version and if you go to their websites, you will see advertisements of different organizations by which they are earning.
This is a common idea, if it is time, Insha Allah will tell the details in the future. The original idea hopefully everyone understands.
Now let's see how online business can be done with affiliate marketing-
Suppose your fever is real. You went to the doctor. The doctor told you to get these tests done from such a hospital. Now, think, why did the doctor tell you about such a hospital? Tests can be done from any hospital! Yes, the doctor tells you such a hospital because of this, because if you do test from the hospital, you will get the doctor who will give you some money in your test. This means doctors have worked as an affiliate marketer in the hospital. That's exactly what affiliate marketing is. Here, you have to sell the products of different companies online and sell them. The company gives you some commissions in every sale. And this is how many people are earning. Hopefully got ideas about this.

This is just a few business models based on internet. Let's see how you can even work on the internet!

Internet service or freelancing?

Through the Internet, we can work with companies from different countries. This is the truth even though a lot of surprises are heard for the newcomers. Although the internet job is like a real life, there are many advantages here. Certificates, links, bribes, and more to work in real life. But there is no need for these to work on the Internet, only the skills needed here. In real life such as a job time, there is a rule, there is nothing but there is no rule. Here you are totally free or free. And this is why this masker is called freelancing or picnics. If you only know how to work well you can also work in this sector. Currently, there are millions of such freelancers who are earning online through such jobs or freelancing. Proof of this but only on this post. Anyway, let's see where and how these jobs are available.

If you get a job, who will be?

Yes, in our daily lives we see jobs in many places. For example, in the Prothom-alo or in different newspapers, there is a separate column for employment advertisement, where different employers make advertisements for jobs in their companies and we look at the advertisements in the newspapers to contact the company for the job.
The online job is very similar. But here, to create a secure or secure connection between you and your employer, there are many online marketplaces. These marketplaces are basically one web site. These types of accounts can be opened on these sites. One is a freelancer or worker account and another is a buyer or client account. There are two types of people on the same site, one group works and one group works. The workers who work for them say buyer or client, and those who work, the workers or freelancers say.
For example, this type of popular freelancing website / marketplace is -, whose name was ODesk.

Is not it clearer? Then see an example:

Suppose - an office / company needs to build a website. Now, where will the owner of the office find someone who will create a website for his office?
So in order to find such a worker, he posted a job by typing titles - "Need a skilled web designer" on different freelancing sites. Now that the client is looking for a web designer, so if you have an account on that freelancing site, you can apply to work on that client's job. In order to do the same thing, many more workers like you will apply and the client will then choose to verify various things and conduct one or more of your work with the interview. In this way, if you can complete the work successfully and submit it to the client, then the client will pay you.

Well, I understand that! Then how will the client pay me? And how do I get the money or how?

Yes, if you can successfully do the job, then the client will not pay directly to you. Client payment will be done in the freelancing marketplace where you have been identified with the client. That means, the website you received from the website, the client will pay you there. The website will drop your account balance by 10% of total payment and deposit the remaining money to your account. This dollar you can transfer money to any bank account that supports Bangladeshi online without any hassle. And this dollar asset will be credited to your bank account after converting to our domestic money.

Many people have to say money or PayPal, MasterCard etc?

In one word, I will say, no. You can withdraw money directly from your bank account from the top sites that are freelancing. Even if the money is in your account in dollars, you will be converted into money after you transfer it to the bank. So there is no reason to be afraid of payment.
But there are some sites where a mastercard will be required when the money is withdrawn. However, MasterCard is not difficult to find. If you want from Payoneer, you can get a MasterCard in full. After that, insha Allah
However, from the top quality freelancing site, oDesk / upwork, iLans, freelancers etc. you can directly take money to your bank account, so there is nothing to be worried about the payment.

What do you do? Job or business?

Whether it is the job or the business, in this case I am sharing my experience first. Most of the people of our country who are involved in the Internet are seen to be mostly, they first start their career with job or freelancing, and later turn to business. Most do not want to start a business, because they are small to invest in small businesses and have to work very hard to get success and risk. On the other hand, no investment is required for job or freelancing, and it is free of risk!
And that's why most of our people first started with freelancing, and then used the money earned from online and got lost in business at their convenience. For this reason, if you do not want to invest first and do not want to take risk, then my suggestion will be to start job or freelancing. You do not have to invest any money in this and there is no risk to be lost here🙂

How to start?

You will not need any securities, links or bribery to do online jobs or freelancing. Stay away from those who ask for money from you freelancing. To work in this sector you only have to know the job. Only after being skilled in learning the work, only this sector has to come. If you do not know work then success will not be available here. For this, first you have to learn the best things. And so in the new condition you can learn to work professionally so that our IT home has super quality Bengali Video Tutorials. You can learn all the work by watching the video while sitting in the house. Many people have learned to work from this and many are working from the Internet and earning. Follow the link below to get a guideline on what you will learn in the first place. .

Bangla Video Tutorial is the best and digital education system in the country

Video tutorial is a system where you can learn a variety of topics by sitting in the house by watching videos on your computer or smartphone. You'll also see, listen and listen simultaneously. Video tutorials are very popular in the foreign countries long ago. Through this, you can learn very well anyway, it is also possible to learn from the institutional courses better by sitting in the house again and through it.

So let's see some convenient aspects of learning with video tutorials

  1. If there is only one class for institutional courses and once you miss the class, then there is a weakness in that subject, but in the video tutorial you will have all the lessons for ever. So there is no scope for such weakness in this case
  2. For institutional courses, you will not be able to do one class twice, but in the video tutorial you will be able to see the same lessons as often as possible so that you can learn everything very clearly
  3. In case of institutional courses, they will want to do the classes wisely, but in the case of video tutorials, you can learn easily wherever you want.
  4. Institutional course fees are many times higher, but the value of the video tutorial is much less than that.
There are also other benefits of Bangla Video Tutorial which you will not get to do from the institution.

So, let's look at some of your questions

1. Instructions in the hands of the organization, what to teach in your tutorial? 
Yes, you will be able to learn in the hands of the organization, but even if you see the IT home tutorial, you will be able to learn by hand, because here every work is shown in hand
2. Can I direct the teacher to the organization, can you? 
Yes, of course. After selling tutorials at such a low price, you have our Facebook group and separate email support for students only, so that you can get any solutions that are made by watching the tutorial.

Now i tell you Your organization after finishing the course, how to help your organization does?

Sadly, 95% of the companies in Bangladesh who teach freelancing, outsourcing, etc. do not provide any help after the end of the course. Even in the course of course, nothing teaches. An example of cheating is available in our country. But yes, there are many companies who help even after the end of the course, but their course fees are very high and their number is very small. Some of these well-established organizations can be found only in 2-3 districts. Even after so much of the cost of having a DVD, your help is our Facebook community and email support, from which you can get help. Moreover, the admin ID of Facebook!
So hopefully I can understand that the quality of our tutorials is about quality. Those who have not yet seen the IT home tutorials, never understand how much video tutorial can be helpful in learning anything! Then learn to see our SEO online earn some videos of the Bengali Video Tutorial from here.
And so, we are trying to expand this kind of education system so that we can share the knowledge of all of us with all of us. This is possible to achieve real education. I hope you find all of us with this chest. Because, without our help, nothing is possible in our sole efforts.
As part of this education system, click here to see the list of some of the Bengali tutorials out there for online income and freelancing .

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