Under the Technical Education Board of Bangladesh 2018-2019, look at the rules for applying four year Diploma in Engineering.
1. The applicant will have to submit the application fee and admission fee fee of 150.00 (one hundred fifty) in advance through Teletalk Prepaid Mobile SMS to 16222. Then the Technical Education Department's own web site - in and fill out the application form as per the application form. Attested copies of the number of applicants from Bangladesh Open University and 2 copies of the passport size certificates will be submitted in the prescribed form along with attested color photograph, in the prescribed form by the post office / office at the Directorate. After applying for the reserved quota, the print-out copy of the application and all the papers mentioned in paragraph 5.4 will be made on 18/06/2015 to ensure that they reach this directorate during the office / direct office. Otherwise its quota will not be considered. Detailed instructions for completing the admission form can be found on the website of Technical Education Department.

2. Procedure to submit the fee:  Go to the message option through Teletalk's prepaid mobile phone, write DTE, write the first three letters of the education board name with space, write the roll number of the SSC examination with space, write the space next to SSC, space with SS Enter the serial registration number and SMS to 16222: 
Example DTE <Space> XXX <Space> YYYYYY <Space> ZZZZ <Space> RRRRRR
Here the name of the applicant's own board is to be registered in the place of Dhaka, in case of Dhaka Board (DHA), Sylhet case (SYL), Barisal case (BAR), Chittagong case (CHI), Comilla (COM), Dinajpur (DIN ), In the case of Jessore (JES), Rajshahi (RAJ), Madrasa (MAD), Technical (BTE), YYYYYY, applicant's own SSC examination roll number, instead of ZZZZ in place of the SSC Sean and RRRRRR SSC exam registration number should be written in its place.
If the SMS-applicant is eligible for the application, then the return SMS will be given in the return SMS for the consent of the bank, the name of the candidate, the father's name and the fee of 150 / - (one hundred fifty) for the examination fee. Consistent with the information related to his name, his father's name etc., the consent of the candidate is correct. To give consent, send SMS to 16222 as follows. 
Example: If DTE <Space> YES <Space> PIN <Space> Your mobile number
PIN is correctly written, then the fee will be deducted from the pre-paid mobile phone tariff of 150 / - (one hundred fifty) and the candidate will have to send a SMS along with the Money Receipt Number will be given. Note that, Money Receipt Number will be saved in person and after receiving the Money Receipt Number, the application form will be filled. The application form can not be filled in any form without Money Receipt Number.
Steps to complete the application form
  • From the web site of Tech Education- 's Home page   , click on the Online Shift button and open the application form.
  • Under the demand of the application form displayed on screen, the information will be recorded / select, entry / selection (if applicable).
  • After completing the application form , click on the submit button and print out the message. The Track number of the given print out entry will be considered as the roll number. If you fail to print out a return message with a track number for any reason, try to fill the application form in the same way.
  • Detailed information about completing the admission form can be printed out from the website.
One candidate must choose the educational institution based in the preferred order based on the organization-technology which is willing to be admitted in the technology. 
For example: Dhaka-Civil, Comilla-Civil, Dhaka-Electrical will be able to select the maximum of ten options. 
4. A candidate will get the opportunity to correct only one time within the prescribed deadline for completing the application. 
5. Intelligence-based students will be admitted in the merit, quota and application order in the order of choice. 
6.   At the time of application, you will get a picture of the passport size. 
7. Clicking on the Application Form button will show three options: New application , Update submitted form and View submitted form
8. If the applicant is new, click on the New Application button. 
9. Type Money Receipt Number, SSC Registration Number and then click on Verify Button. [If the applicant is more than GP3 in GPA 3.5 or above and General Mathematics or Higher Mathematics, then the applicant's detailed information will appear below.] 
10. Mandatory fields ( * ) must be filled out. 
11. If the applicant is multiple quota then you can select multiple quotas. 
12. Unable to apply despite all the information being correct, the helpline will be able to communicate in the opened email. 
13. The applicant will be able to choose from ten of the top 10 institutes. 
14.The applicant will be able to choose ten departments or a department of an institution or a different department of an Institute. 
15. Click on the applicant Choice 1 Radio Button, the name of the institute will be given, the Institute Select will be displayed on this Institute, according to the choice, the Department will choose and Save Choice Button must click. Similarly, Choice 2 Radio button allows you to choose different options. 
16. When the applicant's choice is completed, click on Submit Button. Then the feedback form will be displayed. If everything is okay then the applicant will click on Save Button. 
17.The applicant must keep a note of the track number, because this track number will be used later in Result. 
18. If the applicant wants to update the information after submitting the form, then click on the Update Submitted form from the application form and the applicant can update the information only once with the track number. 19. Maximum image size of 150 kb and maximum width, height should be 300, 360 respectively. 20. Freedom fighter certificates must be in jpg format. The certification copy must be of 120kb. The text is collected from the technical board's own website and is 100 percent reliable.

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