Let's freelancing- "There is no correct idea in the dark, do yourself a career 2019

"Let's freelance" - welcome everyone to the first round of the series. There is no end to anxiety among people about freelancing. It is increasing day by day demand. But if there are no new guidelines in the new condition, then maybe the dream of becoming a freelancer can be broken at the beginning. And you are taking advantage of this ignorance and cheating business in the country. If you do not know the right information, you can also step on this feat. So let's know the exact information about freelancing and then decide to freelance.
Talk to you today with different ways of earning online and why you choose freelancing from them.
First of all, do not know online earnings
Start- up: Both jobs or business can be done online. I will talk about the overall issues here. If you want to know more about job and business, please read this post first. 
Freelancing or outsourcing: Freelancing is an independent career There are various types of work here. Starting from simple tasks like data entry, there are big tasks like app development here. And the most interesting thing is that you do not have to invest any money to work here. You can earn the full amount of money. You just need to know the job. If you know the job better skills then you can earn freelancing. There are almost all types of work available here. It has been discussed in detail in the 2nd phase.
Blogging income: Many people have heard about income by blogging, but many people do not know how to earn. Blogging is one of the sources of your opinion / Idea / Knowledge share. If you can get a good number of visitors by opening a blog, you can earn good money even by blogging. Here, the visitor is the one who will read your blog ie the readers of your blog. When your blog's readership is quite good, you will apply for Google Adsense. If you get an account, then you can display their ads on your blog and when you have a reader on your blog clicking on this ad, you get the money. This is the AdSense system or income from the system.
Affiliate Marketing: Many times you will see that if your doctor gives you a test, you will be given a test from such a place. But why? Because the test was done by such a place, the doctor would get some commission for the amount spent on the test. This is Affiliate Marketing. If you can sell a product online through the same procedure, then you also get some money commission from that product. But in this case you have to be a skilled marketer.
These are almost all of us, our online know-how system.
But now see, why do freelancing? 
If you decide to earn from online then freelancing will be the best way. Why? Yes, freelancing is an open platform for working. There are over 200 categories of work here. Here you can do different types of work.
Here you can find work like opening an account on facebook, creating an application like this. No matter where you are skilled at online, all sectors are here. However, there are some things to do - data entry, SEO - SEO, web design, web development, personal help, graphics design, games development, android, windows, iphone application development etc. These are the most common categories of work.
However, SEO is the easiest among these categories. Anyone who knows how to use the internet can work hard after working for only 1-2 months. Click here to learn more about SEO and learn the work .
Yes, it is important to know the system where you work. So let's start from the beginning--
How do you get money and why not work
There are various websites online where you can work. Some such sites are-
These sites are called Freelance Marketplace. Two types of accounts can be opened on these sites:
two accounts of client or buyer , freelancer or worker account
Buyer or client are those people who will work for you. There are many people who want to get their work done by anyone. They open a buyer account on these sites and post jobs. Then you or the workers who are like me, bid or apply for all those jobs. In this way, an average of 30-50 people bid for a job. Client chooses one of these people to do his job. And when the worker completes the job, give him a payment. 10% of this payment will keep the freelance marketplace cut. This means that the freelance marketplace is a third party here. They just help you buy and buy buyer. Whenever a job is done in return, they deduct 10% of the fees. I hope you can understand.
So what is your job now? 
I have said a lot, now what do you have to do to work on the freelancing site?
You can learn to work on one or more topics from different categories of work mentioned above and develop yourself as an expert. To work after learning, you have to open accounts in different freelance sites. And after opening the account, 100 percent of your profile must be completed. After completing the profile, you have to bid on all the work that you have learned. Bid means to apply for work. Many people bid on one job and one or more people from there are selected to do the job and if the person can successfully do the job then he will pay the money.
In total, you have to learn to work, open accounts on the pleasing site, you have to bid on all the work you have learned, if you get the work done by bid, then you have to do the job and submit results. Finally check the client's work and pay you. And you can take that payment on your bank account.
how are you all? In the last episode , we discussed the importance of freelancing. So I think freelancing and other income issues that I discussed in the last phase, it is better to have a little more clarity.
Many of those who have read my last tune may have questioned the mind - I said about online earnings like Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, again speaking of freelancing, then freelancing e or what other means of income online?
Today's tune is for those who feel that this kind of controversy is born.
First of all know what is really freelancing thing? 
Freelancing but not a work name. This is an independent process of working. Different online income groups have been put together in one place, which is called Freelance Market. In these markets, you will get the job of different categories of income online such as logo design, SEO, web design, app development, personal help etc. Here you can work to work in one or more sectors. This is freelancing. Here you can fully work under your clutter.
On the other hand, you can earn from other mediums of online income, but you can do it for yourself. In Freelancing, as you would for your clients, the client will pay you in exchange, but the work you do in other sectors other than freelancing will be for yourself. Blogging, affiliate marketing, you can think of these types of business, but working in a freelancing or marketplace but in complete employment. If you have a blog like you would post it there. And the money coming from that blog is totally yours. If you want, by posting yourself without hiring a worker, you can also post it on your blog. In this case it will be filencing for the worker, and in this case you will be Client.
Why choose freelancing? 
Generally, we want to earn less time and earn racks free. Considering that, freelancing tie is the best in other categories of online earning. Because you do not have to invest here. Finding work faster than trying to learn the right way. Payment Guaranteed.
Freelancing was the last tune of the tune of the phrilansing key why etc. In today's episode you will talk about different types of freelancing work and what you need to know for any work.

Let's freelancing- "There is no correct idea in the dark, do yourself a career
So let's know about Freelancing's various works and to know what to do -
Outsourcing has different types of jobs. For example, web design, web development, search engine optimization, software development, data entry, networking work, design and multimedia, sales and marketing, personal help, article writing and translation etc.
You can develop yourself as an expert in one or more of these sectors.
So let's know what you need to know to do such things-
Let's freelancing- "There is no correct idea in the dark, do yourself a career
1. WebDesign and Development: This is the job of creating websites. You have to create a website for your organization or for your organization. For this you need to know web programming like HTML, CSS. If you know the HTML version of HTML, it is better to know. Along with this, you have to know PHP, in a small degree Java. Besides, you can learn Wordpress, Joomla etc.

Let's freelancing- "There is no correct idea in the dark, do yourself a career
2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): People who are in the world of freelancing but have not heard of the SEO name are rare. Because SEO is a very common job. SEO is easy to bring to your search results by encouraging your website to be promoted in many search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. SEO is a popular way to start freelancing for newcomers. It's basically included in the Sales and Marketing Department. SEO is very important for the promotion and visitor of your website online. Over the years, the number of SEO's work continues to grow.
If you want to see our tutorials you can learn SEO's work. Click here to see our SEO tutorial.

Let's freelancing- "There is no correct idea in the dark, do yourself a career
3. Software development : Software development is a major part of the online world. We have a huge potential for this sector. But learning this is a complicated comparison of other things. These include - create desktop applications, create games, create plugins, create mobile apps, software project management etc. You can also work in this sector if you learn to work hard.

4. Design and Multimedia : Includes Graphics Design, Logo Design, Business Card Design, Creating Different Animation, Audio Video Editing and Creating, Presentation, Print Design etc. If you are well-versed in learning work, you can earn honorable money from this sector.

5. Sales & Marketing: This is a very big sector. These include SEO, Advertising, Email-Marketing, SMS or Social Media Marketing, SEO or Search Engine Marketing, Market Research and Analysis, Sales Generation, Business Planning etc. You will have to be efficient at first for such work. In such a profession, you can earn a fair amount of money.

6. Writing and Translation: To work on this topic, you have to be quite skilled in English. If you are proficient in English, you can earn income by writing articles. And if you know the language of different countries, you can also do translation work. But do not just go to learn languages ​​of different countries again to work.

7. Administrative Support: It includes various types of data entry, personal assistants, web research, email handling etc. You can do this if you have good skills on computer.

8. Business services: There are also some jobs in these marketplace accounting, business planning, business consultancy. If you can be a good market analyzer you can do the same.
These are mainly the most common jobs of online markets. If you can learn to work well you can also do a lot of good work. Many people say that work is not available now in the freelancing market. This is totally wrong information. Actually, many people did not work without knowing, they worked with frantge. Client did not believe in work, but the client did not have the bad feedback available at the end. Now the days of vowababaji are actually now. Clients are very careful when they hear the names of Indians. That's why you have to learn very well and practice beforehand. Together with the work you can do, you have to create a very good portfolio to understand the client. If you try this way, it is possible to get quick work done. Today's episode ends here. In the next phase, we will discuss how to choose the best work for you and on what you will succeed. Everyone will be good.

Many people can not make the right decision in new situations, learn how to work and learn from where. For those who are not able to decide or do not understand where to learn from work, today's tune me today.
Today's episode will be how to learn the work of web development? 
Web Developer is a popular and hot trend of the present day. If you can work well with two to three months time then you can go a long way in this sector. There are various categories of work here. And the biggest thing is that day's demand becomes skyrocketing.
First of all, what is web development? 
Web development means that the website is created. It can be that the web site is created for any organization, or may be a business enterprise or a web site for personal purposes.
Now there are two parts of a web development. 
1. Web Design 
Web programming or web development

Now what is web design? 
Before creating any website, it is best to look at the site first. This means that at the top of the web site or heading, what will be the content, what will be the footer or the bottom part, what the image will be, etc. are set before and a draft of it is designed in Photoshop. This is called psd template. There's a lot of work in this psd design. But that's not to be followed in the web design sector. That's the job of graphic design. Anyway, when this psd file is ready, then the real coding work begins. If you search Google, you will find a lot of psd templates from which you get the idea of ​​web page. To find different PSD templates created in Photoshop by net, search for "Free PSD template for website" by Google. You will see many types of templates come up.
Thus when the PSD file is ready for a website, then the client will see how it will be on the site. After that, if he likes the design then the work of main coding begins. First of all, this psd template is given to a web designer.
A web designer looks at this psd and creates a web page with HTML and CSS, just like a PSD. This is called web design. Everything here is static. The site created by this HTML and CSS will then be sent to a developer after the client who will convert the site with this HTML online. The site that comes online is called Dynamic Website. Everything here is auto, such as links, categories, blog posts, etc. Everything becomes auto, but the site designed with HTML is not automatic. So it's called static site.
Here, I made a picture of my own working and converted a psd file to the image. Click here tosee the picture of psd - (given the different site due to the image file)
But now you can learn from web designs -
yes, this is a very difficult thing for the newcomers, where do you learn to work? There are many organizations in our country who teach web design work, but 95% of them will deceive you or not teach you as well. Therefore, before deciding on a course, we should make a thought in thinking. But I'm not asking you to do a course from a specific institution. You can learn web design or development from any of the leading companies in the country that teach them good web design. But it is best if they can verify their history before they can do the course. If someone you know benefits from working from a company, you can also learn from that company.

But some of my personal suggestions about this
Personally I would say, you will never go to a company from the first course. There are many free Tutorials on Bangla Web Design and Development in our country. You can learn to work at home by watching these. It is possible to learn the job at first sight after learning the tutorial. There are many liberal minded people who are giving you tutorials on web design for free. In the nets, you will find many free Bengali video tutorials where you can learn how to work at home. I would say you learned the work before watching these tutorials. If you can finish the tutorials well you can certainly work. But there are also highly informative English tutorials. Linda, You can see tutorials for tips etc. Find all these tutorials in different places of the net. However, if you think that you can learn more advanced level then you can take courses from outside institutions.
Today's topic is how you will learn web development. Actually there are a lot of web development and it's a huge world. So if you do not get the right guideline here, the newcomers can easily lose their way. That is why today's tune
So let's take a look at what kind of work this sector has--
1. Create Wordpress Theme
WordPress Theme Customization
With WordPress eCommerce (buying and selling products online website) Site in
4. Joomla web site created
Joomla template created
Web Server Work
The work of creating different programs with PHP
MySQL work
There are also many more types of work in this sector but the above works are the most common and more visible. Now how do you decide how will you learn?
Before making this decision, let us know a little more about the work.
Works as WordPress
What is WordPress and Joomla? 
This is - WordPress, which is a CMS-content management system. This is a platform that allows anyone to control a website very easily. Here controls means to post new posts, create pages, keep images, upload and use media, etc. To control the web site, WordPress is another platform like Joomla. The website is also controlled through this. And the advantage of these is that you can not only control the site here, as well as you can also change the design of the site. And this site design has been built around a huge amount of income online.

Wordpress Theme Development
What is the theme 
The theme is the draft of what a website will be, where it will be, what part it will work. Every website has to create a theme for design. One theme is a one-of-a-kind design. And by creating this theme for WordPress you can also earn online.
Other types of WordPress work include: psd to wordpress, wordpress theme customization, etc.
And all these things you can do in Joomla. All that can be done in WordPress is also possible in Joomla. But now you are learning how to learn WordPress or Joomla? Because it will be very difficult for you to work on two platforms at the same time. So you have to decide to learn any one before. Then learn what to learn.

Wordpress or Joomla ?? Which one for you? 
Since you are new to this sector, you have to think before thinking very well. In order to learn and work from Wordpress, it is much easier and easier to learn from Joomla than WordPress. Besides, you can work as a specialist at any particular topic like - Expert at theme development. Again you can work just by developing ecommerce site development. So for the newcomers I would like you to learn WordPress first. If you know very little about PHP coding and HTML CSS, then you can learn WordPress very well in a few months.

It is mandatory to know HTML CSS if you want to learn WordPress. You can learn the work from our IT home's HTML CSS tutorial. Click here to know more about this tutorial .
In addition to learning Web Development or WordPress, please see our tutorial. Click here.
In this way, if you can finish Wordpress well, then you can work from WordPress online. But never stop learning. Do the work as well as learn something new. Then you will be able to do much better than before.

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