The way to become popular on facebook

The Facebook world has become so big that it can challenge the rest of the world. But how can you make yourself so popular in the Facebook world? There are many people in the world who know their people for their great Facebook page. How people will recognize you differently for your Facebook account. These are popular on Facebook by mentioning these yupai India's content. Let's see how it can be popular on Facebook ...
10) Do not raise your friendship with friends - many people who send 'Friend Recognition' just by seeing interesting profile picture or beautiful face. Often those friends request the request. In fact, in reality, in life, such as on Facebook. Increasingly, there are no friendships anymore. Facebook's friendship is also in the real world rules. So the meaning was to be so. That's what I want to be. Many of us have a misconception about the more friends on Facebook, the more you will be popular. That's a completely wrong idea. If your profile is beautiful, functional and good, then you will start to receive an automatic friend request.  
  The way to become popular on facebook

9) Like to understand the importance of 'like', like to be popular on Facebook - it's a very common way of getting popular on Facebook. But in all cases it is not true. Just like the sound of the like button press the button. Comments are more effective than many of the like. Suppose your friend posted a picture. You just loved it there. The friend is happy, but if there is a comment funny about it. See if it will work more. Drop off all the likes of posting. Can not write something yourself? no problem. Share the good content of different websites on your own time line. Many will be interested in these writing and your popularity will also increase.
8) Do not bother an exceptional post - do regular postings, but do not post it annoying. There are many people who start to post everything on Facebook. Remember that it may look good to everyone you like. If posting is an exceptional post. Make an exceptional post out of something interesting or important from ordinary events. Remember the exception is often popular.
7) Share news site post, give yourself news, say your own statement - people love to stay in news. Suppose you got the news that earthquake happened a little earlier. Post a news site with your timeline, friends will give you different importance. Write your own statement on a recent incident. Starting from the game, politics, entertainment world, etc., give any status of your choice. Others will be able to engage with you easily. As a result, your popularity will also increase.
6) Movies, book reviews In their own way, regular people unknowingly follow them, who practice their preferences. Movies or books are some of the things that you get attracted to when you practice or review. Give a short movie review on a specific day of the week, tell the book you read on another day. Suppose you wrote a recently released movie review, and wrote a book recently read on Wednesday.  
5) Bring fancy to profile pictures, sometimes change - profile pictures are a lot like product packets or thumbnails in YouTube videos. At least 60 percent of the YouTube video we see thumbnail. Similarly, people see profile pictures by judging a good Facebook profile. Profile pictures are not just selfie, or profile pictures of most popular Facebook pages are not fancy. Think of something like that. But keep in mind that profile pictures are the same, and you do not feel like doing anything else. Sometimes Facebook profile pictures change. The appeal of a beautiful face, it is not anything else. The easiest strategy to become popular on Facebook is to upload a great number of profile pictures. Or went somewhere to visit, with happy moments shared with friends See fast growing popularity.
4) Let your Facebook page be used as a platform for friends- let's use your Facebook page as a platform. It could be a fan of a celebrity, a supporter of a club, or a discussion of food or clothing. Like topics of interest to community pages. Share updates, then create places to discuss.
3) Give friends the message of being in all situations - Give messages to friends in the face of danger. Suppose someone needs very quick blood. Make arrangements through your Facebook page. Someone is very sick, needs money for treatment. Arrange through your Facebook profile. If people know that you are beside danger, then you will become popular on Facebook.
2) Birthday, special days on special days for friends to specially filing - Send personal greetings on your birthday, do different things for friends with special fills. Suppose your friend's birthday is 23 October. Legendary footballer PelĂ©'s birthday on that day again. You can post 'Look, my friend is like a full pell, a big celebrity is born on the same day.'
1) Also some of the following: - Avoid giving like like on pornographic or communal pages.
B) You may write a very good status or upload notes / photos, share some good content. But if they are not made public then people will see how? And see how they will be interested in you? So keep these things in public setting.
C) Put yourself as a sunny man - Nobody wants to be a friend of a depressed and miserable man. So, when you present yourself as a sunny person on facebook, you will get popularity. Funny status day, talk about everyone's fun. You'll see people just like you.
D) Walk the streets of criticism sometimes - The 
most effective publicity strategy on the planet is Negative Publicity. This is true even when you hear bad. Give a serious criticism status on some of your dislikes. You see, both friend and follower are growing.
E) Join various groups 
nowadays there are a lot of good groups on facebook. Become an active member of these groups, increase the familiarity with everyone. From there select people to choose from. See Hey is your friend list.
F) Promote your talent 
Can you do any job well? Anything like cooking, singing, dancing, painting, writing etc.? Then publish your talent on Facebook through various videos or pictures. If you have your own achievements, then raise them. Others will be interested in seeing you
G) Increase intimacy with Facebook celebrities 
Want to be popular on Facebook in a very short time? Then make a very good friendship with some of the most popular people. Due to these people you will become a popular one!

H) Timing is the 
key to getting popular posts on Facebook right at the right time. Stay active on Facebook on weekends or on Thursdays. Have funny funny posts and status. See, the popularity is rising.

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