Many people think I've finished the diploma, what do I do? I will read in the B.Sc, I'll do the job, or start my own . I'm telling from real experience, if you have read one of these, then you are going to have many shocks in life. 
Because, firstly it is Bangladesh, and secondly we are almost all middle-class families.
Fact-1: Suppose you are bsc, your family is going to spend a lot of money on your back. To be successful in life, you have to make trouble. And those who do not worry about earning money, then they get hurt after realities. Parents will never say they have trouble paying their money, but it is really hard, as soon as you grow, it should also be understood. At the end of the BSC, there will be less pay, in the field of employment, if there is no skill then there is no profit. The company will no longer drink water in your degree. 

Fact-2: Suppose you are doing the job. Busy running the family Parents love me. Send money to the home every month. Parents are happy, aging, and want to get married. Making mistakes. Now there are energy, study. The world status will not be available for graduation now without any means. Once in the job field you will get stuck, there will be no promotion. There will be no energy, and only regret. 
Fact-3:  Now suppose, you have started something yourself from the family and started well, all the good things are going on. But at one time, the scope of the business or office is not growing. Because, just you Does your employee have any knowledge of running? The answer is simple, no. Because you did not live in Job. How did the staff of the employees handle it? Do you have the knowledge to do something big? Did not you know Because, the level of your education-level is that diploma.
Then do it, 
1. If you have learned well in diploma, then go to work after the interviewer or after diploma, whether small or big, your subject and job posting. If you have not learned to work in a diploma then learn some of your subject related courses or work by spending some money. There will be nothing to do with certification if you do not work. After that try the job. Government: 
Apply  to government jobs. By taking the circulars down the internet, considering the benefits of the BSC, apply at JobApplicator, prepare yourself by job solutions books or coaching at home. Apply either post or permanent, in all post types. Keep in mind that the government job will be a golden deer, if you are temporarily unable to make permanent adjustments or join any other government office.
If there is one thing, then the non-cadre BCS and teacher registration will give the examination. The government job will be easy for you. 
Private  : Whether from the Internet or brother-brother-at-relatives to recruit everyone for your job. Make regular call to everyone if needed. Regularly search the big or small reputable companies, and apply for the job. Adjust the work paras, explain the boss's work and get the best out of the boss's eye and look at the boss's discount for the study. 
2. Now start the education alongside the job, admitted to the training camp in the BSC. Learn to make trouble, never stop in life. Keep saddle with the saradars and classmates, the education para will be light. According to any 3.00 put in CGPA. Who's holding you in diameter During the examination, print the routine and give it to the office boss and take the leave. 
3. Then do not sit down, do not have all the time in human life, keep the backup plan. Job, the money is coming. From the money you give to the university, save a little money. Do not stay in a low-cost house, reduce handkerchra. Finish with B.Sc. at the end of the B.Sc. or BSC pharmacy or spend on your company's dreams.
Results:  B.Sc.,  degree is there. Job has money. The bottom of the foot made by business or own company is tough. In the job field you can get promotions, own company or dream big. After three and a half years of service, you will have everything, and you will have the full life.
Warning:After getting a job, do not leave the job after one month or two. If you want to do the job for 1 year, you will not be able to earn six months. The experience will get the price. 
2. Do not stop studying, but you will crush your own legs. Eligibility will hurt you once. 
3. Similarly, if you do not own a business or company as a backup plan, you will not be able to cope with the unnecessary shocks in the job. 
                                                                                   The last 
                                           word is "Short term pleasure, create long term pain                                                                                       and 
short term pain, create long term pleasure"
           Now it is happy, it is temporary, then you have to suffer all your life. And for three or four years, I will suffer, life will be happy.

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