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This post will be updated regularly. The subject of the update will be the latest issue related to YouTube , and a beautiful album with the top-of-the-line questions, which is expected to be useful for everyone from YouTube Beginner.

Question 1) How do I start YouTube with some new features?
Open a Gmail account through a mobile phone PIN Verifier, then sign in to YouTube and create a channel with the name of the video that you want to produce in this link , a channel with beautiful profile and a cover image. Click this link to get ideas for the resolution of the cover .  
Q2) How to create an Adsense account for YouTube?
Answer: In this link when logged in to YouTube  Enroll the option of the option and then the Anabelle My Account. Now click on the I-Accept button with the check mark in their terms and condition boxes. Then go back to the previous link again and verify the account from a mobile phone PIN Verifier. And by clicking on the same link, select the active adsense account in the paid content option and next click on the next page to sign in and sign in and save the account with the country and timezone from the next page and enter your address below and If you want to get Adsense related notifications in the five empty boxes below. Please enter the day and submit the form. Once you are submissive, then on the next page, in the terms of Adsense terms and condition excel with the check mark.  
If there is something good on your channel, it will definitely be Approvable, it may take from 1 hour to 7 days to be approved, and if you become approved, you will receive an email in your Registrar email.
Q3) Why is my subscriber number decreasing from YouTube onwards?
YouTube removes your channel except for a few days, and removes two types of subscriptions from your channel, (1) sub-sub-feeds subscribers who subscribe to your channel and never come back. (2) When you subscribe to those who subscribe, they also remove them in the same way. But if it happens every day, then there may be two reasons, (1) your subscribers are making you manually unsubscribe. (2) The mistake of your viewing means that the setting you are seeing from here is the last 28 days, meaning that one day is added one day, and if the resident has not met the new subscriber for a few days, the number of subscription numbers will decrease with the arrival of new day updates.
Q4) What is the YouTube Community Guideline?
Please do not shorten these rules and follow them in mind. Do not try to find out the gaps in the guidelines or look at their legal eye - what you need to do is understand the rules and respect the purpose of the reasons for which the rules are kept. Nuggets or sexual content, YouTube, pornography or sexual content Not the place to publish. If your video contains such things, even if it's your own video, do not publish it on YouTube. Also, be aware that we work in co-operation with law enforcement department and complain about sexual violence against children. Violent or graphic content is not right to post violent or deadly content, with a main purpose to confuse, threaten or disgrace. . To post any graphic content while presenting a news or documentary, Do not forget to provide enough information to help others understand what is being shown with the video. Do not encourage others to do anything violent. Hateful Content We offer others the opportunity to express opinions through our products. But the main purpose is to promote violence or violence against any person or group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, citizenship, veteran status, or sexual orientation / gender identity, We do not support creating hate environment based on factors. Obviously, when a protected group is primarily attacked with the name of freedom of expression, it will be deemed to be violation of our rules. Spam, misleading metadata, And scam, we do not like spam. Do not create misleading descriptions, tags, titles or thumbnails in order to increase the number of visitors to your site. Posting large amounts of unsolicited, unwelcome or repetitive content, including comments and personal messages, does not look good. Attractive or dangerous content Do not post videos by encouraging others to do something particularly harmful, especially for children. Videos that encourage such harmful or dangerous things may not be allowed to be seen by younger people of a certain age, or videos may be removed considering how dangerous it is. Do not show disrespect to copyright. Only upload videos that you create or have permission to use. In other words, do not upload any videos you have not created, without the necessary permission, Do not use any content in your video that is owned by the copyright owner, such as copyrighted snippets of the program or the music track made by the video or other users. The harm, persuasion, threatening, harassment, confrontation, confidentiality of others, personal injury to others Disclose information and make others violent or use terms of service Things like the eye furnish encourage ghanera not seen the light. If someone is seen doing something like this, they may be completely banned from YouTube. False incidents like publishing personal information to others and encouraging others to commit violent acts or violating terms of use are not seen lightly. If someone is seen doing something like this, they may be completely banned from YouTube. False incidents like publishing personal information to others and encouraging others to commit violent acts or violating terms of use are not seen lightly. If someone is seen doing something like this, they may be completely banned from YouTube.
Question 5) Why does the ad add to the video?
There may be many reasons why you do not have an ad show on YouTube. Combined with content type and view location, if there is no YouTube to show, the ad does not show up. If there is a strike in the channel or there is a problem with the AdSense account, the ad will not show. But there is nothing to worry if the dollar icon in the video manager is green.
Question 6) My channel has been suspended without any reason, what to do now?
Those who have this question should think once, the more channels on YouTube, the more profit you will get on YouTube, because they add money to your videos. Google's 90 percent income comes from just add. Why would your channel suspend without any reason? However, due to some problems on YouTube, some good channels are suspended due to some problems, but its amount is very low. If you think that you have not broken any rules of YouTube, then after signing in to the channel, after the page that comes, click Contact Us at the bottom and fill out the form.
Q7) AdSense is disabled for invalid click / invalid activity, what should I do?
Get the mail that comes after the AdSense Disables. Disabling for most of the time is invalid, but everyone thinks Invalid Click because they do not pay attention to the mail. There are many types of invalid activity in AdSense, the mistakes we make that are always open is to open multiple AdSense. For Google's privacy, they do not specify the reason for debugging, so you have to find them. Then you have to appeal to AdSense. Sadly, if you have made a mistake, then the probability of return is 1% -2%. If you do not return, you will need to open an account from the new computer with another name address.
Q8) What are AdSense's CTR, CPC, RPM?
CTR: CTR = Click Through Rate: Not everyone clicks on the video when they are added to the video. Those who click on them are counted. CTR is the number of times every click has been added to the show. 100 times the ad show, if clicked by 5, the CTR will be 5% and 10 will click on 10%. CTR above 15% is dangerous. When it goes on, turn off the Monitization and fill the Invalid Click form in AdSense.
CPC: Cost Per Click: The amount of money that an Ad Owner gives every time the ad click is clicked on CPC. This is less than depending on the video type and viewer's location. There is no specific way to increase CPC unless you change the content or change the target viewer.
RPM: Revenue Per Mile: The dollar that is shown in the ad every thousand times is called RPM. But the add-on will not be shown only if the viewer is 30 seconds or more, it will be counted.
Q9) What is AdSense-Hosted Account and Non-Hosted Account?
Hosted Account is only for Google's own products. For example, YouTube, Blogger, Google's own control over the sites because it's Google's own. Non-Hosted accounts are for users' own websites, such as These sites do not have Google's control, so these are non-Hosted Account.

Some things: What is the biggest quality that you need to become a YouTube? It is the ability to understand from yourself, before you ask someone to talk to the net and learn to engage in the net. Because he can give you advice, he must be very busy himself, but if you are able to learn something about the net, you have the ability to learn, you can succeed in any field and start successfully. So, rely on yourself, and even if you do not try finding it, we're not all achii Thanks

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