Apple Touts Data Privacy in TV Ad Campaign 2019

Apple Touts Data Privacy in TV Ad Campaign 2019, Apple launched a television advertising campaign on Thursday, which promotes its stance on data privacy, which seeks to separate itself from the alphabet's technical industry rivals such as Google and Facebook, which aims at regulatory investigations on this issue Have become.

The 45-second commercial commercial will start broadcasting on US TV stations from Thursday and will participate in the annual "March Madness" basketball tournament of the entire National Collegiate Athletic Association, which will attract millions of viewers.

Advertisements will later be shown in other countries, but Apple refused to say whether it will be broadcasting in China or how much it is spending on the campaign.

Spot shows different types of situations as people close window blinds, doors, or shower curtains so that privacy can be searched and said, "If privacy matters in your life, then it is for that phone. It should be important that your life is going on. Privacy is that iPhone. "

Apple Touts Data Privacy in TV

Apple Touts Data Privacy in TV

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has often talked about the company's position against the collection of personal data. In particular, Cook has sung the assembly of consumers' profiles for targeting ads - how Google and Facebook make money.

But the television spot is for the first time when Apple has pressed this issue in a national advertising campaign for consumers.

Apple's only previous privacy advertisement in Las Vegas's Consumer Electronics Show in January was a billboard that said, "What happens to your iPhone, lives on your iPhone."

Apple's campaign comes in the form of big technology companies, who are investigating unprecedented data privacy practices. Google and Facebook have questioned consumer lawsuits and MPs.

Both companies have said that they are making changes to promote user privacy.

Last week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that the company's plan is to encrypt more conversations on its messaging services, which can limit the visibility of Facebook in those conversations.

Apple's primary competitor is Google, which creates an Android operating system that powers most of the world's mobile phones.

Google said this week that it is working on enhancing privacy for Android, such as closing access to phone cameras and microphones.

For its share, Apple is trying to convince consumers that it can provide competitive features, such as lists of optimized news readings, without seeing Apple's data.

Apple's phones collect data on consumers, but the company has said that they can not see that data because it remains encrypted with a personal postcode on the user's device or identifying the information taken before being sent to the apple Does it

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