Fiio M6 Review 2019

Fiio M6 Review 2019, When Apple iPhone 7 removed with a 3.5mm headphone jack, people were quite upset. Of course you had the option of buying another smartphone, but there was a step for things coming from one of the biggest trends in the industry. It inspires to revive the idea of ​​a personal audio player, with a fresh focus on sound quality. Today, high-resolution audio players are once again in fashion.

Using wired headphones with a good digital-analog converter (DAC) is still considered the best way to listen to music while walking by many people, and a strong part of that setup is the source device. Today, we are reviewing a product that expects the smartphone to turn into your primary source for music - FiioM6. In the price of Rs 14,999, the price of Fiio M6 is much higher than the good smartphones, but its hardware is ready for a major purpose. How does it perform, and can it positively impact your portable audio experience? We review to find out.

 Fiio M6's design, specification and battery life

Portable media players should ideally be smaller, because it is believed that you are using one with smartphones. Fiio M6 has a size as a benefit, easily fitting in the palm of the hand. Store in pocket or backpack is easy, and for all those with small hands, all controls are easily accessible. Fiio M6's frame is of metal, and it has a hard glass backwards.

At the top of the M6 ​​is 3.5 mm jack and power button, there are three buttons for Play / Pause, Volume Up and Volume Down Left, on the right is an open slot for a MicroSD card, and below is a USB type Charging, C port for data transfer and USB DAC functionality.

The front has a 3.2-inch 480x800-pixel touch screen, and a LED indicator light just above it.

The device runs on custom firmware based on Android, the UI is simple to focus on music playback. You get Main Fio Music app with file management, a gallery and other apps for settings. Four apps have been pre-installed for music streaming services - KKBox, Moov, NetEase Music, and Tidal - and can be uninstalled if you do not need them. None of these services is officially available in India, so you will probably remove them from your way. Perhaps the only real issue with the interface is that it appears in a slightly tight and poor way.

Additionally, some popular music apps and streaming services, including Spotify, Deezer, and ES File Explorer, have been turned white and can be side-loaded on the device if you intend to use them.

M6 is Wi-Fi enabled, and thus can be used to stream music from compatible apps. Tuvial apps - focused on streaming high-resolution music - will be particularly useful for users who have a subscription and want access to high-resolution audio content on the Internet.

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Fiio M6 Review

The Fiio M6 has a 1,200mAh battery, which can be fully charged with a 10W charger in approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, although the adapter is not included in the box. During our testing, Fiio M6 lasted for about 11hours on full charge with mixed use as a standalone player, which is decent. During our time with the device, we used it with wired and wireless headphones, as USB DAC, and as a Bluetooth receiver.

For such a small device, the Fio M6 packs in some impressive hardware. Powering the device is the ESS Saber 9018Q2C digital-analog converter along with the Samsung Exynos 7270 processor. This 32-bit DAC is usually used between home theater receivers, Blu-ray players and other applications in digital audio workstation. With the support of AptX, AptX HD, and LDAC codecs, you also have Bluetooth connectivity on the device.

 Fiio M6 works best as a standalone player with wired headphones


 Fiio M6 is officially priced at Rs. 14,999 in India

• You can also use Fiio M6 as a standalone DAC

The interesting thing is that Fiio M6 is also AirPlay compatible, which lets you use the iOS device as a wireless DAC. That's why you can send audio wirelessly in Fiio M6 using the Airiolay protocol from iPhone or iPad, which will then use your DAC to convert the signal to its wired headphones. This is a task that caters to a very specific purpose, but for some it can be a useful feature.

You can also use Bluetooth to connect to any compatible device like a smartphone or a computer, and Fiio M6 works as a Bluetooth receiver keeping in view of DAC duties. It is a highly versatile device that works in many usage cases, though it works best as a standalone audio player.

Talking about its potential as a standalone audio player, Fio M6 provides support for a wide range of audio formats, including standard lossy formats as well as high-resolution and lossless file formats. It includes ISO, DSD, DSF, DFF, APE, WAV, FLAC, M4A, WMA, ALAC and MP3, some names. The device has 2GB built-in storage and it supports memory expenditures up to 2TB through its single microSD slot.

The interesting thing is that audio output on USB is also supported, and M6 is listed to work with external DAC, but with any of the USB type-headphone we tried it with Did not work.

Fiio M6 display

With Fiio M6 you can do a lot, using the wired headphones or Bluetooth to play the audio track directly to the device, use it as DAC, streaming audio incompatible apps, and as a Bluetooth receiver for your wired headphones. Use is included. During our testing, we tried all these things, but focused on the most important ones - playing the audio directly using the wired headphones, and using the Fiio M6 as a USB DAC.

We used Sennheiser Momentum on-ear headphones and 1More Triple Driver Earphones with Fiio M6 for our testing. We used different file formats including DSD, FLAC, M4A and MP3.

We started using the device as a standalone audio player with tracks stored on the MicroSD card. Beginning with the DSW version of Sennheiser Momentum headphones and Astor Piazola's Touch By Bay Tango Series, Fiio M6 has played a role in generating a vibrant, elaborate and enjoyable sound. Of course, the quality of the sound goes to the headphones largely, and we've used a pair that has been highly rated for its performance.

At the beginning of the track, double bass felt right for his silent attack, lent some punch and low-end grunt to the display.

Different instruments and elements of the track were felt differently, and particularly interesting was how the volume level for individual elements was different. With the jazz band version of Sting's Walking on the Moon (an M4A file), it was excellent for listening to the lower-end grants of saxophone and drums, even the elements of the guitar were soft, and Still were different. ESS Saber DAC can be widely credited for its excellent separation, time and the vibrant nature of sound.

The sound was fiercised by switching to 1More Triple Driver Earphones and Miley's In My Arms (FLAC format), but Fiio M6 once again offered to offer open, well separated tracks to keep track of its speed Demonstrated ability. And clean production. True to the nature of the headphones, the sound felt high and balanced with the expansion in the mids, all retaining a tight lower end. Fio M6 proved to be strongly neutral in its output, giving headphones permission to fix the sound signature.

We used Fiio M6 as USB DAC with Apple MacBook Air, and this process was quite simple. Once plugged in, you just need to switch input from storage in USB DAC via Quick Settings menu (dragging from top to bottom) to Fio M6, and if necessary, make the sound output your computer in M6 Switch to the audio settings. Although there was a difference in audio quality, it was not very important with the track from Apple Music or Compressed MP3 files. However, no matter what the audio was, Fio made a lot of difference in the volume.
The sound was fast and was able to maintain its quality even at very high levels.

There was a large difference in the quality of sound during high-resolution audio files, as the DAC of Fio was kept for optimal use.

Combined with the ability to achieve loud, M6 does a tremendous improvement in the listening experience. Gote's State of the Art on Senshear Momentum headphones was handled well, and the Fio M6 track was not slow with the speed and the busy nature.

We also tested the Bluetooth headphones as Fiio M6 and Bluetooth receivers. In the former case, aptX HD and LDAC compatibility are useful features and also makes the device a good wireless source.

 However, we did not find any real improvement in performance on a smartphone such as OnePlus 6T, 37,999 (review), and in fact it is not that Fiio M6 should be used primarily. In the latter case, the M6 ​​source is limited by the capabilities of the device - in most cases it depends on SBC streaming, which affects the quality of the sound and rejects DAC's positive effects on the sound. With compressed audio files, its only real impact was felt with the ability to withstand the volume.

 Fiio M6  Decision

Headphones are the most important part of any portable audio setup, and your choice here can make or break your listening experience. However, this source is not far from the importance of the device and DAC; Using the right tools can help to get the best out of your headphones.

That's exactly what Fio M6 does - it provides a solid analog signal so that your headphones can work their magic. For its price, and when the equivalent quality is connected with the headphones, the device does a great job. The sound is open, well separated and expanded while leaving the sound signature to set the headphone.

Although additional Bluetooth functionality may work for many people, Feroz M6 works best as a standalone audio player with M6 wired headphones and USB DAC. This is a great starting device for anyone who wants to start on the audiophile path, and even an excellent upgrade on a flagship level smartphone - whether it is a headphone jack or not.
Price (MRP): Rs. 14,990

Fiio M6  The professionals

• Vibrant, wide and open voice

• Can get very loud

• Brings best in good headphones

• Lots of functionality

• Convenient size, good quality construction

Battery life, quick charge

 Fiio M6  Opposition

• The interface is a bit messy

• Only 2GB internal storage

Fiio M6  Rating (of 5)

• Design: 4

• Performance: 4.5

Battery: 4

• Value for money: 4

• Overall: 4.5

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