Android app can be used without installing.

Android app can be used without installing.

You can run the app with the option of "Android Instant Apps" without installing an app on your Android phone. This feature is known by many as a game changer, because it offers developers the ability to use apps that allow mobile web users to access the app without app installation.

For this reason, clicking on the link will start Google Play with the app and present it as much as you need.

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Android app can be used without installing.

In a Google Developer Conference I / O 2016 event, a demonstration is shown in a demo, how temporarily it can be used only in 30 seconds and three clicks of another company's app is not installed. Demo shows that a user uses an instant app feature to order a camera bag for himself using an ecommerce company app without having to install it.

The demo is shown in real time in Android kitkat, which is a slightly older version of Android. This means that it will be compatable with the previous Android.

At the end of the year it is known that the Android Instant Apps feature will be available.

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