How to open an account in ODesk

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How to open an account in ODesk

How to open an account in Odesk

First, go to and click on Sign Up from the right hand corner or go directly to Go to the address Now select Freelance Contractor (due to different versions of internet browser, there may be different types of interface, I used Google Chrome browser, you can select Contractor and click on Sign Up). Fill out the form below and click continue. When new pages arrive - 

1. Click on Verify your email address. Now go to your e-mail ID and see if there is a mail. There is a link there, click on it. Click here to continue to get new pages. Now 

2. Click Fill out contact information. A form will come Fill out the form and click on Save and Continue. 

3. Click on your oDesk Profile now. If you have a new page, you can choose what you can do in the Job category. Those who are brand-new, they can choose Blog & Article Writing, Data Entry, Personal Assistant, Email Response Handling, Other - Administrative Support, Customer Service & Support, Other - Customer Service, Advertising, Email Marketing, SMM - Social Media Marketing . You can select Data Entry Professional from Primary Role below. Desired Hourly Rate can give 1 or 
Please select how much hours you can afford in the availability of availability.
Now type Title- Internet, Facebook, twitter, google plus, data entry, email, ms word, blog and click on Save and continue. 


4. Click Accept the oDesk User Agreement. When the new page comes, click on Save and continue with the check box and I agree to the terms and conditions. Now click on my profile button. My Contractor Profile - My Account Summary - includes Title, Portrait, Personal Email etc. You can add your photo by clicking Upload portrait on the right side of the portrait. If you add a picture, your profile will be 20 percent completed. The more complete profile compliance, the more applications you can apply each week; And the more likely your job will be. (If you have moved to another page, then click My Contractor Profile on the left side, then you will see.) Now click on the oDesk Readiness Test at the right of oDesk Ready. Read the following articles on oDesk Readiness Test, then click on the Ready to take the test button.

Test of 11 questions

On oDesk site rules, you have to give a test of 11 questions in 40 minutes. Answers to the questions can be found by clicking on the link below. To test, click on the Start test button. Now click on Continue below to find new pages, click here to start the test button, the test will start. Click on the link below to get the answers to each question. If the answer to 11 questions is correct then you will pass this test. If you delete it will not be written to your public profile. Only passing will be written. If you do not pass, then give a test again. You can give this test as often as possible.

After passing the exam, you can apply for 10 out of every week. Now visit your My Contractor Profile page. Now add a skill to add a skill. You can add newbies internet, facebook , twitter, google plus, data entry, email, ms word, blog etc. Auto-suggestion will come when one or two of these letters are written. Select from there and save it. Now, see profile 30 percent completed, the text will be coming. Then you can add here if you have any job by clicking Add Employment History.

Then your profile completion will increase by 10 percent. There is no such thing as to be online. There is only one. In general, whether it is to fill the room or not, it is to be seen. There is no problem even if there is no Job Experience. Now by clicking on the Edit button below the My Public Profile and clicking on the new page, you can select the number of years of Experience in the number of years you use Facebook, Internet, Computer etc. for the same time. In the English option you can select how you know English. But give 5. Objective will write an objective. How to write is an example below the Objective box. You can see the example by clicking on the example.

Here are examples of different computer programming languages. If you do not know these programming languages, you can write your own words using internet, Facebook, e-mail etc., that I have been using Facebook, Internet for the last two or three years, know the rules of Facebook, fast Google search, fast typing You can do it, MS Word knows better, etc. can write in English. Then save it. You will see more profiles of 10% increase in your profile. Now you can add your educational qualification by clicking Education. Then, if you have a project before you in Portfolio Projects then add it. If you do not have any project, go to and open an account and post a text, you will have a blog or website. You can give it a link. Then the probability of getting your job will increase. Other Experiences can give you anything, but if you do not have any problems.
There is no problem if you do not give anything to certificates. Now you see, your profile complexity has increased a lot. If more

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