IPhone 8 Plus Review-2009

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IPhone 8 Plus Review-2009

IPhone 8 Plus Review-2009

After using iPhone 8 Plus one week, I raised my personal opinion below. This opinion can not match anyone else. I usually focus on a number of topics, such as design and build quality, hardware performance, battery life, cameras, displays, sound and more. Let's start.

IPhone 8 Plus Design

IPhone 8
If you are a regular user of iPhone, you might notice that there is no difference between the design of iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 7 Plus. In the continuation of this, Apple brought the same design iPhone Eight Plus. If you want a big change in design, its design will disappoint you, but the design of the iPhone 8+ as a classic design is my favorite choice. Another thing is that the iPhone Seven Plus and Ether Plus are exactly the same design, but there is little change in size. Below is the size of iPhone Seven Plus and Eighth Plus.

IPhone Seven Plus: Length 158.2 mm, width 77.9mm, thickness 7.3mm, weight 188 grams.
IPhone Eighth Plus: length 158.4mm, width 78.1mm, thickness 7.5mm, weight 202 grams.


IPhone 8
The iPhone Eight Plus display is the same as the iPhone Seven Plus, with the LCD 5.5 inches and 1080 by 1,020 pixels. However, the new addition of TrueTone technology to iPhone Eighth Plus, which will change the display's light based on your surroundings. It's a great feature that's pretty much like.

Build Quality

There is nothing new to say about the build quality of the iPhone as the world's first line of phones, but it is important to write about build quality in the interest of writing. The iPhone's Eighth Plus front and back - glass has been used on both sides, and its structure is made of aluminum. The glass on both sides seems more interesting to see. I liked it personally personally. Another good news is that due to the use of glass on both sides, there is no fear of reading any type of scratch or fungus. Fungus is a panic attack for iPhone users. There is not much of a panic in the iPhone Eight / Eighth.

IPhone 8 Plus

But there is more happiness in the words; On the other side of the iPhone 8 Plus, due to the use of glass on both sides, the possibility of bursting front or rear glasses is very high. In that case, there will be a huge amount of money to be paid for servicing. More frightening is that, Apple says it will cost more to repair the back glass than the front glass (at least $ 99)! To think, if you buy a phone with 73 thousand rupees, then how will it be? This is a sweet problem. So it is wise to buy a brand of strong brand.

Hardware performance

The 11 bionic chipsets have been used with the iPhone Eighth Plus 3GB RAM, which is the fastest chip in the iPhone. This chip has 6 cores, out of which 4 cores (A10 fusion chip that is used on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus), 70 percent of it and 25 percent more speed than 25 percent speed. We will be able to find below a comparative data from Gikbench, how fast the 11 bionic chips actually work. (The higher the score, the more speed. Credit: Tom's Guide)

The charts show that the score for the iPhone 8 Plus multicore is 10,47. This score is more than Samsung Galaxy Note 8, OnePlus Five, all the other flagship phones. And it turns out, this score is much faster than my MacBook Pro chip. I do not really know how to do a smartphone with so much speed!


The 12-megapixel double-camera lens behind the iPhone Eighth Plus and the 7-megapixel front-facing camera IPhone Eighth Plus has a better camera than the iPhone Seven Plus. Advanced is called because it has large, fastest sensor and sophisticated image processing.

With the back camera, you can take pictures in portrait mode that will simultaneously enhance background noise and facial photos with shiny and animated images. Here is a sample image.

IPhone 8 back camera samples
The iPhone has a new lighting effect attached to the Eighty Plus camera, such as Studio Lights, Stage Lights, etc., with which you can take great pictures yourself. This will introduce you to the amazing experience of taking photographs.

With optical image zoom feature of the phone you can take pictures of up to ten times more and the picture quality is also good. There is also a slow-sync flash, which flashes the object with more time to take pictures, and provides more clear images.

IPhone 8+'s cellphone cameras can also make good quality pictures, and it makes no natural flour on your face, absolutely natural pictures. (By the way, do not get frustrated? ????

IPhone 8

IPhone can not take better pictures in less light, as it has disappointed me here, but compared to previous models, the low light photo of iPhone Eighth Plus comes better than ever before. Hopefully Apple will do more with it. And if you do not have the habit of taking photographs or videos in the dark or in low light, then there is no problem.

In the light of the day, the iPhone Eighth Plus can make an incredibly good picture, a new experience for taking pictures with the phone. Personally I'm very happy at the performance of the camera.


The video quality of the iPhone Eighth Plus is also great, it has added 60 FPS (frame per second) 'A4K video' Which means that the quality of the video taken from the normal HD camera is taken from the quality of iPhone Eighth Plus


Apple has designed the iPhone Eighth Plus GPU, according to their data, it is 30% faster than the previous GPU, with 3 core being used. And so graphics processing is faster than ever and high defensive game can be played more smoothly.


The iPhone Eighth Plus has a stereo speakers, which can make up to 25% stronger sound than the iPhone 7. The sound is absolutely perfect. Beige also gives a very good word. Because the sound is good, I love listening to music more than volume.

Battery Life

Battery life is heard over the complaints of iPhone users, which has been tipped in Apple iPhone Seven. The iPhone 6211AH powerful battery gives me a long battery backup and continuous use without worrying about any kind of charge.

I can use almost all of the features on the phone in one charge (WiFi, GPS, other) over 9 hours very well. Its maximum standby time was 60 hours, which would be more. This means that I use a medium to backup a little more than 2 days, and this is more than my previous iPhone Seven Plus, because the 11 Bionic chips cost less than all other iPhone chips. So I am very satisfied with battery backup.


Other features of iPhone Ety Plus include:

Bluetooth 5 version - This means that the bluetooth will work in more than ever ranges.
Wireless charging - The KI technology has the charger without charging this phone charger. Apple gives wired general charger with the phone. Wireless charger is priced at a price of $ 59.
Fast Charge Supported - To enjoy this facility, you will have to buy an extra fast charger, then only 50% will be charged at 30 minutes. Not great
Water and Dust Resistant - iPhone Eight Plus IP 67 Water and Dust Resistant Certified. This means that it can be without any damage to 30 minutes under 1 meter of water. Although we have not tested this feature yet.

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