Learn more about Skrill Online Payment Getaway

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Learn more about Skrill Online Payment Getaway

Learn more about Skrill Online Payment Getaway

Since May 2012, Moneybookers has started publicizing their rebranding (screen) work, and although their plans were since 2011, According to the official announcement, the work of this rebranding (screen) will be completely completed by December 2012. So far, they are providing all the services through their old website (www.moneybookers.com), although they can be browsed at www.skrill.com but in the end the user is redirected to the old site.

Scratch is considered as the main option on PayPal. The screen is ideal for countries in which PayPal has no support. It's safe, fast and cost effective way to paypal like PayPal. Through this, one user and the other can take the money through the moment. No need to know the name of the recipient or the bank account for the transaction, only his email address is enough.

Currently there are 30 million account holders in the scripts. It offers 100 types of money transfer facility to more than 200 countries including 41 types of currency in Bangladesh. More than 1, 35,000 merchant companies offer online services through Moneybookers, of which eBay.com, Skype and Thomas Cook are notable.

Although there are many types of screens, freelancers in our country use it to make money from freelance outsourcing marketplace. Since large marketplaces support the screen, the freelancers are more comfortable to use it. A great multiplication of cost effective money. With almost all reputable marketplaces such as oDesk, Elance, Freelance, Envato Marketplace (ThemeForest, GraphicRiver etc), designs, Macromedia etc. PayPal, Paynerr, as well as skrill Support.

Although many issues have been discussed in the November 2009 issue, I am discussing them here again because there have been many changes in the Scroll rules.

Registration Process:

Registration on screen is very easy, which is completed within a few minutes and it is free. But to get the full benefit of Scroll, there are a few things to be sure. In order to strengthen screen security, it checks every user in three ways. These are - verification of address, bank account verification and credit / debit card verification. The third method is optional, but the first two must be completed.
Address Confirmation:
After login, click the Address Verify link from the Account Status section on the My Account page. Your address will appear on the next page, then click on the "Send me a verification letter" button. The screen will send a letter to your address. The letter may take several weeks to arrive. You will be sent a number of six numbers in the letter. After receiving the code, login to the site and click on "My Account"> "Profile" page and click on the "Verify" link next to your address. Then submit that code. Then you can start the money transactions through the screen.

Adding a bank account:

To withdraw money from the screen to your bank, first add a bank from My Account. In this case your bank's SWIFT code, bank address, your bank account number etc. will be given. With the addition of a bank account on the screen, you can withdraw money in the bank. But in this case, Scril will ask to verify your bank account. In order to verify the bank account, send a small amount of money (5 to 10 dollars) from the user's bank to a moneylender account. However, no bank can send any money from the bank for the laws of Bangladesh. Please follow the procedure below:

1. Once you get money from a freelancing site, scroll it with a scroll. You can withdraw money twice without checking the bank account. For this, login and click the Withdraw link.
2 | Since we can not send money from our country to the screen, tell them this thing beforehand. They have to contact their customer care. Describe how to give a massage to customer care.
A) After entering the My Account page, get a link called Email Support on the left, or go to this link after logging in https://www.moneybookers.com

B) You will see a few tabs like the image below in the new page called the Support Center. From there, click the My Profile tab.

C) Under the My Profile tab, you will find many options, in the bottom, the General 'My Account' enquirers will open the text box.

D) Tell that no bank can send money from the bank for the laws of Bangladesh in the textbox. At the end, send a message by clicking the Submit button.
E) When you send the message, you will see a confirmation message like the image below, which will help you to understand that the problem of your ticket has reached them.

And keep the ticket IDs collected for future inquiries.

3) After taking outdraw money from the screen, take 5 to 7 days to come to your bank account. In this phase, the answer to your open ticket will come from the Screw Support Center, how to verify the bank account manually. Generally, a bank statement for the scroll manually bank account, national credentials / passport / driving license

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