New Rule Up work Job application requires money

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New Rule Up work Job application requires money

New Rule Up work Job application requires money

You need to have certain points every time you want to apply for a job, which are called "connects" or "connect". All the connected connectors were able to download freelancher for free so that they could apply jobs to everyone if they had an active profile. But today, the email has sent an email to the freelancers that these connectors will not be available for free in the future. As a result, if you want to apply job to your freelancers. This rule will be effective from May-June.

Based on the job post, the amount of connectivity required to apply them to them is also different. In this case, the applicants need 1 to 6 connectors to apply for a job.
However, if the client invites a freelancer in the job, then there will be no connect to apply for that job.

If a client does not hire anybody, then the connection will be returned to those people who have applied for the connection. Each connect issue will expire after one year of the date.

The Apache Authority says that it has introduced new rules to help professionals and quality freelancers get more contracts.

In the case of new freelancers and agencies, this change will begin to come into effect from the end of April. In the case of existing freelancers and agencies, from May 2, 019, gradually the paid connections will begin to operate. It is expected that in the end of June, paid connections will be effective for all freelancers.

What are the costs of connects?

Each connector costs $ 0.15 and they can be purchased according to the following bundle
  • $ 1.50 for 10
  • 3 dollars for 20 dollars
  • 6 dollars for 40 dollars
  • 9 dollars for 60 dollars
  • 12 dollars for 80 dollars

How many connectors will be required for a job propose?

According to the job of the job, according to the value of the job calculate how many connects it will need. And to determine the value of the job, it will take approximately what time the job takes, the amount of budget and marketplace demand and consideration. That means, for a long budget project, it will take more than a short project.
See more details here.

How did you get the new rules for the work?

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