Review Honor View 20 – & Full phone specifications

Honor View 20 – Review: Honor's general wheelhouse is a budget phone that is above its weight. HonorView 20 is a different offer, however: if it gets all-out with top-end tech and high-end specs, what can Honor achieve, and whether it is the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 10, Nokia 9, Huawei Can P-30 collide?

Honor has first designed "Flagships" - keep 10 scenes and 10 spring in mind - but there is nothing like that. In View 20, the company combines 48-megapixel camera, 4000mAh battery, 6.4-inch display and ultra-fast Kirin 980 processor. For all £ 499.

Honor View 20 – Review

Honor View 20 - Full phone specifications

Honor has now launched the successor of View 10, which has been termed as View 20. HonorView 20 has an even more powerful flagship processor for its front camera and a new new hole in the display. With competition increasing day by day, Honor View 20 is the best pick in the premium segment? We review it to find out.

Honor View 20 – Design

I will not consider 2018 as a strong year for phone design. Difficulties arising due to the nozzle screen gave birth to a limb of styles, which all felt most compromised.

Honor first attempted to move away from the notch with Magic 2 (only available in China). The design of this device employs sliding body to hide the front camera when not used. Moving forward, that device has been changed to view 20 - and the results are much better.

Due to the one-third cut-out with the top edge of the screen, or because of hiding the sensor, camera and microphone, a single, very small hole is punched in the upper-left corner of the device in View 20. It is a 25 megapixel selfie camera, in which a microphone is sitting in a small lip above the display.

This is a clever solution - one that will probably be repeated several times in the coming months, most obviously by Samsung Galaxy S10 - because it gives a bezel-less look without affecting the applicability of the device. Yes, there is a small chin in the lower part of the handset, but it is common with such phones.


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Honor's thoughtful design continues in the back of the device. Here you will see a glass coverings, whose laser-etched "V" pattern captures light and reflects beauty. There is a rigid metal rim between the back and front of the glass, which connects a strong finish.

Effectively, both headphones jack (one rare item in 2018, let alone 2019 alone) and there is enough space for IR Blaster to control a television. Honor View 20 lacks any official water-resistance, however. This QI also eliminates wireless charging, something that you expect to see supported when looking at the glass back of the phone. I think it was left to make sure that view 20 was as cheap as possible. I like the most about design, however, how easy and easy it is to catch a phone. Curved sides slip comfortably in your hands, while most things can be done one-handedly. Yes, it is difficult to reach the corners correctly, but this device does not seem cumbersome in the way of iPhone XS Max or Google Pixel 3XL.

Honor View 20 – Display

Taking the 91% (or 91.82%, if you want to be precise) in front of HonorView 20, the 6.4-inch display extends from almost one corner to the other corner, without a foothold to distract your scene is. The only blockage is the small black spot which is the front camera. It looks great.

The quality of the display itself is decent; Easy competition with the same price phone. Honor has opted for an LCD panel over the OLED, which means that the blacks are not deep enough and the colors do not pop just like a tapeless 6T. The possible reason for sticking with LCDs was the lack of OLED panels with this hole-punch camera (Samsung creates one, but being kept for the Galaxy S10), and of course, the usual extra cost associated with the OLED.

However, this is a compelling performance: crisp, colorful and, most important, bright. The 1080p resolution is more than sufficient to ensure individual pixels, and does not have HDR (high dynamic range) support, the media still has a good definition among colors.

Inner has a tendency to unwind slightly in color, and by default, the screen is set to Vivid mode. Go to Settings to fiddle with color temperature, things can be hot or cold, or even recommended to look more precise than turning the color temperature wheel forward, in principle.

Although it may seem that you have a good degree of control here, none of my things have given a positive difference. Even switching from Vivid mode to Normal makes everything feel a little flat.

Honor has not done a great job of ensuring the camera's cut-out. The icon in the upper-left corner has moved slightly to the right, and if you are using the dark wallpaper, it is basically blended. Obviously, on the page with a white background, the cutout will be more prominent. Video apps deal with the same way they are on a footing: You can extend YouTube, while Netflix covers it with a black bar.

Honor View 20 – Performance

In terms of performance in HonorView 20, all components that come with the iPhone XS and Huawei Mate 20 Pro are included. Like Huawei's latest phone, the Verin 20 uses the Kirin 980 SoC (System-on-Chip), which is designed using a super-efficient 7nm manufacturing process. This allows battery better performance without sacrificing life.

Along with this high power chip, there are two storage options (depending on the 6 or 8GB area), RAM: 128GB or 256GB. Much above every line in the field, then

Honor has also used some of his own smart smart software to further increase the performance. The GPU Turbo feature is initially introduced on more budget phones, when pushing performance on gaming especially in titles like PUBG and Asphalt 9. This feature is probably more important for low-power phones, where additional boost will be more clear. View 20's gaming skills are also effective anyway.

Even though the HonorView 20 is usually a very fast phone, by the fact that it is very fast, continuously disturbing performance disparities more surprisingly. When you are moving back from the app to the Home screen, or in the multitasking view, you will face slow animations everywhere. I had no such issue on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro - which uses the Kirin 980 - so it seems that Honor has not optimized its EMUI software very well here.

Of course, this means that such issues can be easily fixed under the line.
The generous amount of RAM (8GB on reviews models and 6GB on other devices here) means that the application should remain in memory without long reloading for long. For example, Alto's Odyssey remained my dusk from evening till evening. You will also find that you can quickly jump between apps without losing your place.

Honor says that some extra cooling has been given inside. Nine cooling tech, including a heat pipe along with the coolant, to give it a "proper" name. Honor says that this pipe touches the main internal components of the phone (camera, CPU, battery and so on) and then goes on the sides to release the heat. It's really hard to judge how good it works, since most phones can handle summer very well these days. However, during 3G charging and extended bouts, the phone does not get hot.

While headphone jack is a good touch, and there is a possibility of being rare among the other 2019 flag, I want the normal audio was better. The sound is tin and the single, downward speaker can only be described as horrible. Its status means that it was easily blocked while playing a game and the lack of stereo separation is making the media feel flat.

Another pair of heavily presented by Honor is Triple-Antenna Wi-Fi and Dual-Frequency GPS. Both should offer a more reliable connection, whether you're navigating in Google Maps or downloading a movie from Google Play. Surprisingly, I actually found Wi-Fi connection weak in comparison to both an iPhone XS and Google Pixel 3XL. Both of these phones recorded very fast download speeds and were quick to download 1GB files. However, the View 20's GPS was impressive; Even when navigating around London, with its landscape of high, close buildings, the sign remained strong and accurate.
There are two SIM slots inside View 20, both fully support 4G data and calls. Once the main SIM is set - you can set one SIM for calling and the other for data - switching between the two is also easy. If you travel often, Dual-SIM functionality is great, or you want to use the phone for both work and personal use. Thanks to NFC mobile payment is taken care of.

Honor View 20 – Software & Apps

In addition to the pre-defined optimization problems, the software here shows closely what you will find on any existing Huawei flagship. The EMUI (Emotion UI) / Magic UI skin used on top of the Android 9 pie is in the form of overwriting about every aspect of Google's OS.

EMUI has come a long way in the last few iterations. The operation is smooth; There is less need for you with a crowd of non-sensitive menu options; And some UI elements are not too much bored. For example, audio control is finally displayed on the lock-screen, in which half the material is without biting.

Still the constant desire to imitate the eMUI's iOS functions and design elements, it is feeling cheaper and seriously behind other software layers like Samsung and Google. When you try to send a photo to pop-up, everything from the share panel feels like they are knocking off with iOS.

It's a shame, because there is very powerful functionality on offer. The Honor is the fastest and most customizable battery-saver mode in the phone, which you already want to draw the excellent battery even further.

Support for themes (though I say that all of the options are quite "meh"), a precision - if not extremely secure - feature to unlock the face, and some apps like Facebook and WhatsApp split into two different editions Option to do These are things that you can not do on stock Android.

Honor has also displayed the normal array of soft-keys that you will find under the display. By default, you will get normal back, overview and home control, but you can switch to a gesture-based system, which is found on iPhone Xs. I like this method for Google's swipe and tap odd system introduced in Android pie, and once you get used to pointing back to a bit of irritating (the OS often thinks that you're the only app Swipe inside, instead of going back, it works exceptionally well.

Honor View 20 – Camera

Even with such a unique design, the camera is still the most interesting part of HonorView 20. It is a feature-rich packed with an array of high-end specs and software twikes. It's a nice camera, which is great at times, and has the ability to continue it even further.

Take a look at most flagship phones and you will find that most games have a similar number of megapixels. The iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Pixel 3 have a 12-megapixel sensor; Others, such as OnePlus 6T, up to 16 HonorView 20 has a 48 megapixel camera.

Obviously, we are far from that stage, where better camera equals better than megapixel, however, as Huawei P20 Pro proves - it does not hurt.

By default, view will shoot 12-megapixel snap using data of those extra megapixels to improve 20 zoom quality and overall detail. Go to the settings menu and you can use all 48 megapixels. It is warned that if you shoot in this mode, however, there is no zooming functionality.

Since this is the default, and should be the most customized mode, I tend to shoot continuously in this 12-megapixel mode, if I was shooting macros or landscape shots, then switching to the 48-megapixel . Thanks to the use of a software tweak, which connects the data of adjacent pixels in the sensor (a technique known as pixel baking), you are still essentially using all megapixels - it does not matter What mode do you shoot in.

Probably the most interesting shooting mode presented by scene 20 is 48-megapixel "AI Ultra Clarity". It uses the power of the nerve processing unit (NPU) within Kirin 980, combining together multiple high-resolution snap together to form an HDR image.

This is not for everyday shoots, however, when you need to keep the phone stable for about five seconds and you can not always set it to your default - you can manually switch to this mode every time Will also need to open the camera too. For those situations where the subject is still, it works very well and results in detailed pictures.

I am constantly happy with all photos taken with Honor View 20; It performs comfortably above that price, which I hope for at this price. The images are very detailed - a feature that is standing among all - with decent colors and dynamic range. The colors tend to be on the side of the cooler, which leaves you with a few blue photographs, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.
Like the previous Honor phone, here's an AI shooting mode that, in principle, will find out what you are shooting and can change the settings for you. Aim on a grass-heavy landscape and the phone will promote vibrancy and saturation in the greens; Focus on a complex building and it will further sharpen the resulting image so that it can be tried to bring the detail forward.

Honor's AI Touch is less harsh than Huwei, which I found was too much of a picture - and often I did not pay attention to the changes. If you like the person who likes to edit the snap manually after a fact, I can not disable this mode.

While shooting in low-light situations, the camera again adds four pixels to one, from which you get 12-megapixel shots. With these large pixels, more light is allowed in the ½-inch sensor, as a result the photo is illuminated. Again, the results are good; It is better than a price tag, which has no right to acquire.

A secondary, 3D TOF (time-off-flight) sensor located next to the 48-megapixel camera. This sensor work is to improve the accuracy of 3D modeling and AR functionality, however, the sensor is used to differentiate a topic more effectively from the background in the drawing mode shots. Currently, many of these features are limited to the Chinese version of this phone.

I have never been a big fan of Honor's selfies cameras It may be that the small hole in the front is 25 megapixels in the hole, but due to the degree of processing the resultant selfies still look very smooth-out. I'm sure there are so many people who are fans of this type of finances - because this is becoming more and more popular - but this is not for me.

The video seems like it has been shown on scene 20. 960fps video in 720p is good, but it is quickly becoming painful since the rest of the video is separated from the choices.

Battery life - Honor View 20

Honor (and its parent company Huawei) is leading the pack while talking about the impressive battery life on the phone. Both Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei Mate 20 Pro have excelled with their stamina and Honor View 20 stands with those battery beamoths.

There are many reasons that endurance is very good here. First of all, the 4000mAh battery is included, which can handle a consumer-centric phone. After this, there is a skilled 7nm chipset and, in the end, only FHD + display for power.

During my two weeks with HonorView 20, it consistently regarded it as "normal" day. I charge the phone around 7 a.m., watching an hour of streaming audio, an hour of video streaming, a little gaming and normal browsing and messaging. Nearly 15-25% of the charge will remain after midnight.

Use some of battery-saver mode, tweak the screen resolution and temperature performance and you should see the cell tilt for two days without going backwards. Of course, the life of the battery is wildly different on the basis of the user, but I am confident that in verse 20 endurance will not be disappointed with the proposal.

For charging, you will find an Honor Supercharge Plug in the box. It supports 5A / 4.5V speed and works quickly to give power to the handset. Respect claims that you will jump from 0-50% in 30 minutes; The scene 20 was not far off in my tests, it took about 37 minutes to 50% and then reached 100% in 52 minutes.

Why Buy Honor View 20?

This may be the first big flagship of 2019, but Honor View makes a strong case for being one of the best at the end of 20 years. This is a testament to how fast the Honor is growing and improving that the company is offering great phones in both budget and flagship space.

Honor View 20 offers a great camera, forward-looking design and minimal agreement. I do not like software, and you are not missing features like IP-rating and wireless charging. However, for the price, I do not think you can fuss. Honor clearly believes that people will have a lot of storage and RAM on Qi charging, and while this is not my priority, I am sure this will be for many people.

The strong competition comes from OnePlus 6T - and will probably come in the form of OnePlus 7 - while we still want to see what 2019 brings. While the 6T view beat green 20 for the screen quality and software experience, I am comfortable telling that the Honor affects more in all areas.

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