Google first page rank by simple SEO

Rank on Google First Page Google is not a big deal for ranking on the first page, but Google is very hard to rank on the first page and the first position. Many competitors are increasing day by day, making the competition higher and higher.

To make huge revenue, you will lose your competition, which means Google Rankings. If your article is shown on Google's first page, visitors are most likely to click on your link and you can get a large number of visitors daily, which will benefit you for earning a lot of money.

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Google first page rank by simple SEO

To rank Google you must first tell Google that your website is also available for specific topics. You should be known by Google, then only if someone searches for a particular word, only Google will show your article on the first page (show). Well Google knows you will reward you with the best conditions.

Update your Blog Daily:

If you are new to blogging and start your website, then post the article daily. Because Google will crawl your website after submitting your website to Google and it will crawl as an update on your website. If you write a daily article, Google will crawl every day and this is a huge benefit for you. On the other hand, if you delay the article post, Google will delay crawling with you that you will not be able to rank in Google. So, please post daily articles.

Now that means you can post whatever you think. If you want to make a quick progress on Google and want to beat your competitors, write the article which is unique and has more than 500 words. As long as your article moves on to Google more opportunities. If you post the same article which is already ranked in Google, it would be difficult to dismiss it because Google only ranked old age articles. So, publish unique articles that help you rank quickly on Google.

Search Engine Optimization:

One of the key parts of SEO blogging is that it helps in the growing growth of your visitors or websites. Search engine optimization optimizes your article in several search engines, which help to strengthen your article in various search engines.

Two Types of SEO: 
  •  On Page SEO
  •  Off Page SEO

On Page SEO:

By publishing SEO on the page, you optimize your article. By SEO on the page you fill 40% of the SEO settings.
Here are some basic tips on page SEO:
  • Writing a SEO Search Description
  • Use Custom Robots Tags 
  • Short Permalink

Off  Page SEO

Off-page SEO means that you should make special settings externally. This is the main source of SEO settings. You can produce up to $ 100 per month or more by closing off page SEO.

Link your Website on Many Social Media: 

Off-page SEO means that you link or share your website in social media such as FacebookTwitterReddit. Whenever you post your article, it adds a link to social media because social media can give you a lot of traffic that you cannot even think.

Make Quality Backlinks For Your Blog: 

You need to backlink to increase traffic to your website. In order to create a good quality backlink, you need to share the URL of your website at the official and education website because these websites are preferred by Google. The more backlinks you can make, the more backlinks the more visitors will give your website more space.

Make a reader backlink to your topic or keywords related to websites, because if a reader reads an article on health and is backlinked on your website then it is on the technology, but without any action, he goes back to his health article.
It becomes a bad quality backlink and can reduce the ranking of your website.

Submit a Sitemap:

You need to sign up for Google Search Console and submit a Sitemap on Google. After that you start ranking in Google. This is the first and most important step of blogging.

There are many search engines but there is something important to submit an important sitemap among them:

1. Google
2. Bing
3. Yandex

Note: Now, you do not want to submit a sitemap and you'll start ranking and take more time to get more visitors. Google has to wait a few months after submitting sitemap. Then your post will start ranking on Google and you will get a large number of visitors.

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