How do Google search keywords to rank your blog on Google's fast page?

How to Research a Keyword: Are you facing the problem of your website rank? Not getting enough visitors on your website, you can not rank on harder keywords. Here is a good solution to detect it.
In order to rank Google, it is very important to search a word every day, which is seen in high volume but fewer competition every day.

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5 Hidden Tips of SEO For Your Blog

How To Find A Top Keyword For Blogging

If you are planning to start blogging, you will first need to select a word that you are thinking of ranking in Google. In Google's special competition, which is high in the competition, it will be difficult to rank or you will not be able to rank.

When Google crawls your website, it will verify how long your article is, whether it is a domain age, whether it is a SEO article or not, there is no copyrighted content. Google's important issue will rank the articles published to Google 1-2 years ago because the domain authority has very high backlinks, but you and your website are much stronger in social media than you.

Find a word that has less competition

For promotion to Google's fastest rank, you need to work in keywords that are not commonly used in general terms because many bloggers have already started working on it. You must select the word that is large number of visitors and fewer competition will help it rank faster on Google because no blogger has yet started working.

You can test such tools to find these types of keywords:

Given tools: AhrefsSEMRUSH,

This is a number. Search keywords for keywords to search for a top keyword in 1 keyword. It shows how many searches per day on specific keywords and shows how difficult it is to rank in keywords. It provides many word ideas.
How does it define how rival websites are ranked, where and where do they create traffic from? He links with how many links (backlinks)?

This is a great tool for keywords and your competition and to beat your competition and competitively in competition and to protect your first position on Google's first page.

Start Blogging Publish articles every day in SEO, create backlinks and after completing it (after 1-2 months), share it in social media then your article will begin ranking in Google.

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