How to Research a Keyword | What is micro blogging

You think you can earn 100 dollars in the first month at the beginning of blogging. How to do that, by micro-blogging that's us

Micro blogging is also a part of blogging which no user shares a specific subject and its benifits micro-post. It helps to find out more about what the reader is searching for.

What is micro blogging

What is Micro-Blogging

Micro blogging is a special type of niche which means you only start a blogging topic. You talk about that particular subject or its type of sub-division.

Its importance or convenience and the difficulty of that product or thing. You may be deprived of much faster than a website in micro blogging. There will be no competition because.

Yes, there is no competition in micro-blogging or there is no competition which is no competition for a micro blogger. Because the entire website will be created in a special case that will help you rank quickly.

How to Start Micro Blogging

Micro blogging can say two things depending on your topic selection:

• Long term
• Short term

Long term: In the long-term micro blogging, you have preferred the keywords of Flipkart / Amazon Customer Service, Mens Samsung Smartwatch etc.

Want a keyword forever? A huge e-commerce site like Flipkart and Amazon, which will also be in the future. Samsung smartwatch etc.

There is a great demand for women for shoes and casual men, so it's a great idea to start micro-blogging. You can give an opinion and review its features.

Short Term: For short-term micro-blogging, you will have to choose a keyword like Reliance Geor, who will conduct India's election in 2019 or what the trend or the people are searching for.

In this limited time, you can earn more revenue than long-term micro-blogging, but this income is only for 2-3 months or less.

How To Research A Keyword For Micro Blogging

Research on a word of micro blogging is very important. Only keywords can tell you how much traffic or how much you earn.

There is a lot of money and free tools to research for a keyword, but I have some free tools that are used:

• Ubersuggest
• The keywords are everywhere
• Google honors

Keywords everywhere

These tools can help you find higher CPC keywords with less competition. Keep in mind, the micro-blogging low logo has high search volumes and the CPP is less competitively.

• Do the Fastest Rank Keywords Search on Google

See search volume, SEO disadvantages and more related keyword ideas for a keyword search of Ubersuggest. Also check out how many prospects have a particular keyword rank.

 How To Rank Your Micro Niche

After publishing your article on your micro rivet and designing your website you will not have to sit back and relax now and your article will start automatically ranking. Then do not bro bro!

Google will not automatically find your website. You tell Google that you have created a new website on a particular website. Then only Google will know and your search will show up with other search results.

• What is sitemap? How To Submit A Sitemap To Google Quick Rank Helps
• What is backlink? Backlink Type How to create quality backlinks

You have to submit a sitemap to Google. Go to Google Search Console> Sign Up> Submit Your Website> Then, Go to Crawl> Sitemaps> Sitemap> Right: sitemap.xml> Your website is now submitted to Google.

SEO: SEO is one of the best methods which helps Google to rank faster. You made good quality backlinks and shared your articles in social articles. Submit your website to many search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Do something to your blogger friends, which is the best way to drive traffic to your websites and submit your website to directories and apply for guest posts.

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