The best way to repurpose your old Android or iPhone

The best way to repurpose your old Android or iPhone
Sure, you can trade on your old phone, give it to a relative or friend, or use it again. Or, you can give it a new life by making it something new that you want to use it

After all, smartphones have small, powerful computer storage space and a camera. Instead of spending cash on the new device you saw, you'll be able to create it yourself. Your smartphone can be an easy choice for other electronics - it can even diagnose your vehicle's mechanical problems.
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The best way to repurpose your old Android or iPhone

Here are some ways you can re-optimize your old smartphone.

Use your iPhone or Android as a universal remote

It's a great thing that can do everything great - click, click the movie. OK, perhaps that's extreme, but being able to control all your devices from a remote is a relief. Download remote-control applications such as iReal (for iPhone or Android) and then sync your phone to devices like Xbox One, Roku, and Apple TV.

If you have smart light bulbs, you can better sync them with your phone. Follow these tips on how to turn your device into a universal remote so there is no real surprise to where your TV remote is hidden.

Turn your Android into a Google Home

Re purposing your Android phone to be a Google Home Smart Speaker is easy and requires no application to download. Make sure your phone is updated to the latest Android OS so that you have "OK, Google." Next, you need to find a Bluetooth speaker to connect your phone with you. Make sure to have plug-ins on both devices at all times. You will be ready to give Google commands at any time. The best part is that you do not have to spend $ 129 on Google home. Learn more about what you can do with a Google home here.

Your iPhone or Android can be doubled as a home security camera

Make your old phone safer by turning it into a home security camera. To get started, download a security camera app like Alfred (for iPhone or Android). Check with your home to make sure you are well. Put the phone in the main room of the room where you have the best view.

When you are at home, hide it to see who or who sees suspicious activity by closing your door. Maybe you'll find it only a raccoon that is wrapped candy wrappers in your yard and not your neighbor's baby.

Use your old phone as baby monitor

Every time you think you hear tears or strange sounds, instead of entering your child's home, check that your child is fine by turning your old phone into a baby monitor.

You can set up your old phone in the room and install Skype on both devices and access it from your current phone. You can use child monitor applications such as Dorm (for Android) or Cloud Baby Monitor (for iPhone). We have not tested them in real children, but customer rating is excellent. You will feel better that you can stay in any room and still see your baby.

Turn your iPhone or Android into a wireless mouse

It may be annoying when your wireless mouse dies with no alert at all. It helps to backup and you can turn your phone on the mouse at any time. To do so, you need to download an application like remote mouse (for iPhone or Android).

Once you have the app, connect your phone and desktop to the same Wi-Fi network and by-bye to that old-school mouse. Keep it in your laptop case when you go and stop by a coffee shop to do some work.

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