The History of supercomputer

The Super Computer:Such a computer is used in scientific research, management of administrative activities, etc. It's the most powerful, expensive and fast-paced computer. By using the terminal, hundreds of people can collect data from this computer together. Supercomputer scientific research, spacecraft, missile control, space exploration etc. are used in supercomputers. There are only a handful of computers in the hand.

Some companies in Japan and America make super computers. Among them, Japan's Nippon Electric Company and America's Data Control Corporation are notable.

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 History of supercomputer

Mainframe Computer:

Compared to supercomputer, it has a lot of information power. It is also a large computer, it can also be used by many users to accomplish different tasks by using the terminals. Mainframe in high level technical analysis, large industries, trade establishments, complex scientific research, university etc.
The computer is used. In our country, this type of computer is being used in some institutions including the University of Engineering, Power Development Board, Dhaka University, Bureau of Statistics, and the Atomic Energy Commission.

Mini Computer:

The advent of this computer was in the sixties. Although the mainframe is somewhat smaller than the computer, its performance is widespread. Many users using this terminal can use this computer together. This computer is widely used in industrial trade. This computer is widely used in large industries and research institutes. Mini computer is widely used in garment industry in our country.

Micro Computer:

The type of computer that we see commonly used, used in the office is known as a micro computer. It is cheaper and smaller in size. Currently it is also known as PC (Personal Computer). this
The national computer is easily portable, easy to use, low prices and easy to maintain, is widely appreciated.

Laptop Computer:

It is smaller than a micro computer. Usually it is connected to L.C.D monitors. It can be used anywhere on the coop. It costs less power and can also be run with batteries. Apart from all types of personal work, it is used in audio, video and data processing.

Notebook Computer:

It is also operated by laptops with small L.C.D monitors from the Laptop, with low power consumption. It is commonly used as a personal diary.

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant):

It is smaller in size than notebook. With L.C.D monitors, spend less electricity. The battery is also operated. This computer is used as a personal diary and for accounting purposes.

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