6 things to note before buying car insurance of you

6 things to note before buying car insurance of you: Some people think that car insurance is not important, some say that it is a requirement that can not be underestimated.

At this time strangers became a primary necessity for a motor vehicle. The car is considered to be the most important resource and lifestyle.
In addition to that development, in April 2011, the insurance business has seen significant increase since 2010.

Fortune and disaster may come any time. As a driver, we struggle to be a good driver. We are careful in the street, wearing seat belts, lighting right or left, launching spotlights because other motorcycles are going to break our path and as much as possible to comply with the traffic regulations. It can be clear, we have tried to follow all the rules on the road, but others are not essential.

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6 things to note before buying car insurance of you

Buying car insurance is one of the most important financial systems. There will be a lot of benefits compared to the number of paid premiums. So, if car insurance for every insurance owner is so important, then what should be considered for making a wise and very beneficial decision to buy insurance?

Car Insurance Selection

We have a premium to buy insurance. Of course, this is a must. The limit of premiums can determine the extent of our losses. This means that regardless of the risk, our losses are the amount of premium paid only. If a mathematical calculation is made, we may feel more harm if the car is less damaged than the damage or the disaster. But if you forget, even if the damage gets bigger, then the damage we bear will not be as big.

Basically, insurance is good. But there are a number of other considerations to choose from. You must be in accordance with the proper insurance and terms. In this way, your financial plans will remain on smooth track. Here are the important things to be aware of when choosing car insurance.

1. Types of insurance

In general, car insurance has two types of packages, such as Total Loss Cable (TLO) and all risks. In TLO type, the service provider is replaced only when you lose a car. Although all risks are usually based on thieves, accidents and disasters, floods and conditions of your expectations, there are more rewards for unexpected things that threaten you.

2. Transaction fee (self risk)

We will have to pay a minimum amount of time when making a claim. The amount varies depending on the insurance policy of each insurance service provider.

3. Benefits

Due to the loss of various types of losses, all risk car insurance usually has a comparable number greater than TLO. All risk charges 2.5% - 3.5% from actual car pricing. You are not recommended to find a cheap premium. However, pay attention to the free car crane, 24 hour service, replacement of car tires, repair of workshops and much more if small but very helpful.

4. Age of the car

Your car's age is older, premium is also high. For some insurance, they usually restrict it to seven to 10 years of time. Above, you can not use insurance anymore.

5. Workshop partners

More workshops are provided to partners, this course will help you. But we can not be careful about the quality of the workshop.

6. Location

Buy city car insurance where we are located. Sometimes insurance agents arising from outside the city often provide cheap services. However, if it makes your mobility complex complicated, for example, when it is claimed, it will only add to quarrels.

For women like us, it is a good choice to choose 24 hours of comfort and a mechanic ready to prepare where we live. One stop call

The path can go on, you can not avoid flat tires because nails or leaks are suddenly unconscious. It is no longer helpful for us to stand by the side of the road or to stand in the waves or to replace car tires on the road side. It would be a small thing, which happens if it feels annoying and waste time. So, pay attention to the "ease of claim" and "call services" titles offered by your insurance agent.

Weight All Directions

The car insurance is the type of insurance loss that the premium will expire if you do not claim it. But nowadays, a type of car insurance that guarantees 100% of the premium paid, ask your insurance agent.

Generally, the coverage value for the first year is based on the market value of the car or the purchase price. It can also be carried by the acquisition of the car according to the invoice, when the next year is calculated based on the reduction. Insurance agents often offer a general overview;

  • The first year coverage of the second year is 90%.
  • 80% of first year coverage in the third year
  • The fourth year's first-year coverage is 70%.
  • 60% of the first year coverage of fifth to eighth year.

The next question is, should we choose logical insurance which seems to be more effective? There are some car insurance that provides benefits in life and health insurance. And if you agree with the offer - at the premium rates paid - do not forget how much the next life or health insurance is being given, it's significant and beneficial for you. I recommend it separately.

Next set up your Cash Flow Finance

Car insurance is like buying products that have obvious advantages, but not necessarily used. In other words, these items will disappear within a specified time, used or unused.

Car insurance payments are usually given an affair each year. So, you scientist spend this in your annual cash flow category. When you get a bonus or other yearly income, when you set your annual fee and "compulsory" with a motor vehicle insurance, when you decide to make a payment, If you do not have annual income, you should first provide insurance with personal savings and in the next year you can save monthly income for insurance payments.

Even, buying a car insurance can be a way to better control your financial planning. The financial risk we face is more clear and planned. Every year you need to have a premium number of insurance is allocated.

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