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Teacher Hello friends, Thank you so much for the interest of technology dot com. With the dream of giving blogger's newbie blogging and all types of new technology related to the latest technology, I started anika aktar and my close cousin Aphana Mim March 015, on 01st March. I and my cousin sister were involved with blogging for a long time. At the end of the advice of my cousin, the two companies decided to actively launch this blog on technology. We can say with a challenge that you will always find a completely new tutorial on our blog which may not be available on any other Bengali blog. Finding blogs in particular, increasing the popularity of the blog, increasing the ranking of blogs and solving the many troublesome computer issues can be found here. So good quality blogging design,

About me I am anika aktar A general career in profession. Currently living in Sylhet district town. I like to read blogs and write articles. During my leisure time, I shared many topics online by sharing blogs online. Zakiganj Police Station in Sylhet district was born on 1 August 1990, in the middle-class Muslim family. At the time of my study in the woods at the Zakiganj Police Station Starting from high school, we are still staying in Sylhet district. I always like to learn new things and learn to teach others. Having a good experience about computer, internet and blogging at the leisure internet has been a great experience. Such as computer hardware, software, graphics design, wave programming, Experienced about blogging and internet marketing, etc. The thing I like about a computer is the graphics design. That's why I can call me a good graphics designer. With this I always try my best to keep my blog in a good position. I summed up my short life story for your information in the box next to the right.

Miss Afshan Mim
Our other staff:  Miss Afhana Mim works actively on all the sites under our network. She is my cousin and a close friend too. He always showed his creativity in his work. Especially in the case of any kind of problem on our site or for any personal work, she helped me very actively. He is very experienced in earning from online. She loves to read and write blogs too. He is currently writing and writing Honors. He is known as a very meritorious student. He got a scholarship in Talentfilm in primary school and secondary school. He wishes he will finish his education and do good job in the administration department and do good for the country and society. You all pray for this meritorious sister so that she can implement her dream.

The future plans of this blog:  We want to take technology dot com blog to a good and learning platform. Our main purpose is to create a good quality blogging site by sharing all the latest issues related to computer, blogging and internet problems and the ever-new article related to technology. Through our post, we give up misinforming information or waste time wastefully. We hope that with the help of your sincere cooperation, we will be able to bring the blog to a better position in future, Insha Allah